Alfredo Pria was founded in 1824 in the renowned textile district of Biella, the district of excellence of the textile industry, known for high quality cashmere and wool.

Lanificio Alfredo Pria soon came to be a reference point for the production of woolen textiles, working for the most prestigious names and brands in the international fashion scene. 

Lanificio Pria employed over one thousand workers and soon became one of the leading producers of woollen textiles, working for the most prestigious names and brands in the international fashion sector.

In subsequent years, the company was successfully transformed, shifting from the industry of woolen textile products into the world of high quality finished products, preserving all the acquired knowledge and savoir-faire.

Today Alfredo Pria 1824 is an industrial trademark, specialized in finished products, fashion accessories, and in particular in the production of high quality scarves and fashion accessories, all exclusively designed in Italy.


Alfredo Pria is now part of Trecapi Srl, a dynamic group which is expanding the brand’s horizons and promoting the brand and its style all around the globe. 

The company’s main markets are currently in Europe (Italy, France, Germany) and Asia (South Korea, China, Hong Kong).

The company is currently embarking on different fashion projects, e.g. an outerwear clothing line, and can be considered a point of reference for the industry, especially in the textile cluster of Como, where it is now based. 


Trecapi Srl was founded and is still ran by three entrepreneurs who decided to leverage on their expertise in the industry to pursue new projects and achieve higher quality at an affordable price.

We strongly believe in our products’ quality, that is why we are highly verticalized. We take care of our accessories across the whole value chain.

 The majority of our offer is designed, manufactured and managed internally, until it reaches our customers. 

From the choice of the thread to the final delivery, we make sure we can always deliver an excellent product with an excellent service. 

We currently design and offer a wide selection of accessories, from scarves to socks, which are intended to make a holistic offer to our customer, so that retailers all over the globe can, in turn, offer their clients not only a product, but a range of carefully selected and comprehensive accessories. 

The collections are designed in collaboration with the continuous feedback from our agents and our customers so we can make sure that we are always delivering an excellent product which is in line with the current trends.